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We played but we were still scared because everyone talked about someone being killed. South of the Perfume River, the situation was little better for the Americans.

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To Vietnam Inhe was sent to Vietnam and promoted to lieutenant colonel. Willbanks As the Communist struggled to maintain control of Hue, the longest, bloodiest battle of the Tet Offensive, fierce house-to-house fighting left somecivilians homeless. Witnesses reported seeing Vietnamese priest Buu Dong, who had ministered to both sides and even had a photograph of Ho Chi Minh hanging in his room, being taken away.

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The company spent the better part of the afternoon trying to reach the isolated United States Army Signal Corps th Signal Detachment, th Signal Company, 37th Signal Battalion communications site which was approximately 2. Captain Phan Ngoc Luong, the commander of the 1st Battalion, retreated with his unit to the coastal Ba Long outpost, arriving there with only three eight-round clips per man for their World War II vintage M1 Garand rifles. The perception that a bloodbath like the one that occurred at Hue would follow any takeover by the North Vietnamese cast a long shadow and significantly contributed to the abject panic that seized South Vietnam when the North Vietnamese launched their final offensive in —and this panic resulted in the disintegration and defeat of the South Vietnamese armed forces, the fall of Saigon and, ultimately, the demise of the Republic of Vietnam as a sovereign nation. The battle ended six days later. Even then, as with so much in Vietnam, the facts surrounding their fate would be the subject of often angry and anguished debate among Americans, mirroring the chasm of distrust cleaved by the war and shaded by ideological rigidity, a debate that endures four decades later. Greenway Feb. Although the enemy battalion penetrated the division compound, an ad hoc man defensive force of staff officers and clerks staved off the enemy assaults. I remember jumping into one hole and shooting a guy, an NVA trooper who was in that hole. But until you're actually tasked with doing them, you probably haven't given them much thought. Image From time to time, as if from nowhere, civilians would emerge from their hiding places and dash down the street toward us, running a gauntlet of fire. We played but we were still scared because everyone talked about someone being killed. Up until that point, the Marines had been fighting with smaller arms in the jungle and in rice paddies.

These were highly trained North Vietnamese regular units. On the day I shot my photos, they were advancing south along the eastern wall of the Citadel under fire from hidden positions. I was shot soon after.

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Later that day, U. Cheatham wouldn't be able to get to the city until the following morning, so he had an evening to strategize. Image Once the Dong Ba Tower on the edge of the Citadel was captured, the Marines moved into the center of the city, where the Communists had their stronghold.

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