Being a centrist

Neither the Centre Democrats a now defunct centrist political party nor the Liberal Alliance a political party founded as a centrist social liberal party, but that now is a classical liberal partyboth of Denmark, are rooted in centrist agrarianism.

During the Obama years, the Republican party made it very clear that they would not compromise at all, and I hear a lot of centrists say, "If we were like in power, unlike the Democrats, we would compromise and get things done.

Tweet Image by Lia Kantrowitz In these highly divisive times, moderates seem like an endangered species who mostly inhabit think tanks and op-ed pages.

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The Democrats are more rational. It's increased by 46 percent [ in Maryland over] the last ten years. They were Democratic centrists, though they dealt with different issues obviously because they were presidents decades apart. The Republicans in charge of government are full of extreme right-wingers, and the Democratic Party includes everyone from centrists to social democrats.

You start off slowly, and by starting off slowly you have background checks and a waiting period before people can get guns.

Being a centrist

When decisions are made, politicians try to assuage their bases, and their bases are the extremists in both parties.

This leads to policy that is not based on pragmatism but rather on the needs of compromised points of view.

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I Asked Centrists Why They Love Compromise So Much