Best essay on indian independence day

Other people celebrate this day according to their own way such as watching patriotic movies, going outside to home with family, meet with friends or participate in the events organized in public places.

essay on independence day in 1000 words

Conclusion Thus, Independence Day is celebrated for various reasons. People in the streets too are seen greeting each other and buying tricolors to adorn their houses and vehicles.

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Respected fellows there lies a huge responsibility upon our shoulders. We are a very respected and Nuclear power country.

Best essay on indian independence day

Homage is paid to those who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of our country. Celebrations begin with the head of the institution hoisting the national flag in presence of students and other staff members. The Indians were punished very hard, even they were not giving proper food after working the whole day. People stand in attention position to pay respect to the national anthem which is played after the flag is hoisted. The whole atmosphere is filled with a feeling of patriotism. He is one of the greatest leaders in the world. Respected all, Honourable Guest, worthy principal, respected teachers, and my dear fellow students good morning and happy independence day.

We felt suffocated. The destiny of our great land lies in the hands of our youth.

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Your life is bounded by a few strict rules by your masters.

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Independence Day (15 August) Essay for Children & Students