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First is dedication to giving attentive, meticulous service to author clients, based on the individual needs of each. Lisa Carter Based out of Ottawa, Ontario, Lis Carter is an editor with over twenty years of experience in the publishing industry.

It is a fact that organizations such as the Editors' Association of Canada EAC and the Writers' Union of Canada TWUC have been on the cutting edge of policy making, standards maintenance, and professional development in editing and writing.

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Here are more details regarding the two options: Full Manuscript Evaluation A Full Manuscript Evaluation involves a thorough read-through of the entire manuscript while taking notes on details such as theme, title, premise, opening, genre, voice, style, format, flow, tense, dialogue, plot, character development, setting, writing habits, size, and overall strengths and weaknesses.

She provides substantive editing, stylistic editing, copyediting, book coaching, manuscript evaluation, and even literary translation services. Your book needs to be edited by a professional editor. Well edited books sell better.

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Partial Manuscript Evaluation A Partial Manuscript Evaluation involves a thorough read-through of the first 50 pages of your manuscript. Our advice is to try out our professional review and proofreading services in such circumstances: You have run out of concentration to take one more look at your papers.

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This is a great option for catching holes and flaws before a full manuscript evaluation, a developmental edit, or a copy edit. Manuscript Evaluations Like shoes, manuscript evaluations come in sizes. It provides clear instructions for you, the author, to make changes, and ultimately create a stronger book. Our quality standards for the Revision Department are high as we understand that the work of these experts can either impress your professor or disappoint them. With us by your side, you will: Be free from the stress of thinking that your papers are not good enough; Use a hassle-free company as an attentive-to-detail helper in writing; Receive timely assistance from professional editors and proofreaders; Be in the know about your project any time you need it; Collaborate with a dependable company Canadian students swear by; Be able to learn what is wrong with your essay, thesis or other paper. Here we will include the most important data from your papers. Second is the promise to uphold the high editorial standard that writers and publishers in this country, in the United States, and around the world expect from, and value in, Canadian editing. Contrastingly, our goal is to ensure your thoughts are represented in the best way from the point of view of spelling, syntax, punctuation, grammar, proper English dialect and constituency. An unedited book can sell, but it will never reach its full potential.
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