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For example, In an essay presented at an Asian Studies conference held at Duke University, Sheldon Geron analyzes the relation of state, labor-unions, and small businesses in Japan between s and s.

If you want your reader to read your notes right away, footnotes are more likely to get your reader's attention. The only real difference is placement -- footnotes appear at the bottom of the relevant page, while endnotes all appear at the end of your document.

Mind over Matter section, para.

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Identifying Sources in the Body of Your Paper The first time you cite a source, it is almost always a good idea to mention its author stitle, and genre book, article, or web page, etc. The increasing availability of electronic information has unfortunately made it easy to copy another author's works.

The text in this box was created by Eric Brenner Which type of format do you need? In general, however, if you are quoting more than 3 lines of material, you should do the following: change the font to one noticeably smaller in a document that is mostly 12 point font, you should use a 10 point font, for example double indent the quotation -- that means adjusting the left and right margins so that they are about one inch smaller than the main body of your paper if you have this option in your word-processor, "left-justify" the text.

Well, yes.

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If the footnote is not at the end of a sentence, skip only one space after it. You could accidentally change the meaning of the quotation and falsely claim the author said something they did not. For example, say you want to add an interesting comment to a sentence you have written, but the comment is not directly related to the argument of your paragraph.

In this case, however, the paragraph following the one quoted explains that the author is referring to money, so it is okay.

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Citing your sources allows readers of your work to easily find the sources to which you've referred.

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4 Ways to Cite an Essay