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In contrast to the freewheeling days of the Dot-Coms, today's survivors emphasize the relative value of each expenditure.

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System Integration Any company in business for more than 20 years is likely to have several different computer systems, each using customized software. This tends to affect the types of firms they seek out, and helps them leverage risk with other VCs. Dot-com and brick-and-mortar stores are taking advantage of the opportunities available through social networking. These so-called legacy systems perform particular tasks well and many are still used today! Where you can add some additional value? Otherwise it should be revised with new information or in a different format, or discarded. The process is facilitated with an implementation plan, which delineates the steps to be taken and the resources required to start a new "business" within an existing business. Basic questions persist.

Are VCs unappreciative of great technologies and great opportunities? The barriers for entry are low and you have a great deal of control over your start-up costs. One interesting facet of VCs is that they are subject to a "herd mentality" along with various market and business analysts.

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Integrate the most current security into your website. The second error concerns sales. One approach, for those that can afford it, is to build up a portfolio of patents.

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But the real risk for investors became apparent as many of these businesses failed or were taken over by other companies. The initial plan for a start-up is known as a business plan.

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When the plan is no longer useful in aiding decisions, it should revised, replaced with an implementation plan, or discarded.

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