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I am a reader, too. It is also important to think about the environment of the school, beyond the classroom.

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A consequence must proceed a non-negotiable. However, many GLBT people have not had their sexual identity validated by those around them. Creating a classroom that is organized and that is characterized by mutual respect makes it a lot easier to teach effectively, and one of the most important things teachers can do to promote learning is to create classroom environments where students feel safe.

Art and Music Feed the Soul.

Safe learning environment for adults

Smile Often. Learn how the Cleveland Metropolitan School District has made notable progress in building this capacity, spurred in part by a tragedy that has become all too common. Dusenbury helped develop. You have an obligation to your students to create a safe place for them to learn and develop. Not everyone will understand allusions to Star Trek in your attempt to explain a difficult concept. Step right outside the door and take a few breaths. Does anyone else know or might they like to look that up for us? About Dr. Read with Your Students. Ask students to discuss racial tensions or cultural outlooks when they come up in class or in the materials. Memorize the names of all your students within the first week of instruction. Department of Education.

The key to creating a bully-free school is getting everyone on the same page about how to care for students, and that begins with a strong, caring community. Place mirrors next to the dry erase board and the chalk board so that even when you may have to turn your back to write on the board, you can still keep an eye on students.

But first they have to know if their children bully or are bullied by others.

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Fostering a Healthy, Safe, and Supportive Learning Environment: How HP/HP Schools Do It