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Related Literature and Studies Local Literature Importance of computer application isincreasing day by day.

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Choose your schedules NOTE: Your subjects are are automatically arranged by the university automatically arranged by the university colleges colleges press ok. Computer technology has an impact on almost every aspect of daily life.

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The possibility of implementing the proposed system could bring a timesaving, laborsaving and effectual method of enrollment that will bring wellness to the name of the institution. Chapter 2 Review Of Related Literature The great number of business oriented people tent to avow this fact.

Ace Adrian, Many countries nowadays, especially the developing nations arechallenged by the rapid technological changes.

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These requirements are vital in the development of the project. Enrollees for new students should secure number for admission and must present it in the admission office together with the registration forms given by the registar for evaluation.

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This step was critical to the success of the development project. How many students enrolled in the current semester? An Enrollment System is a system designed to perform the process involved in registration, advising, and payments of students as well as scheduling of classes. See Table 1. These requirements are necessary in order to have good relation of a system. Testing - this program must be tested not only once but several times, and the performance of the hardware was also tested. It acts as input to the design phase and takes into account functional, performance, software, hardware, and network requirements of the project.
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Student Enrollment System Model