Essay on volunteering at a nursing home

This inspired me to, you guessed it, write something in my blog concerning my nursing home visitation as well.

I was extremely blessed to have food on the table each day. She walked me to the door of the nursing home last Sunday.

what do you do when you volunteer at a nursing home

Grandmothers who know how to darn a sock and bake the perfect apple pie. A person who volunteers benefits themselves because they get to see how their contribution has made a difference. Working in the Recreations Department has given me the chance to be creative in planning fun events such as exotic cuisine exhibits and comedy sketches.

nursing home essay

She can even walk without assistance. The event was not the roses and smiles milieu of happy people giving love and attention to a cheerful cast of avuncular characters, sitting in well-lit rooms with an aura of old world bliss about them.

Not only does volunteering at the Center give me fulfillment as a contributor to the community, but many of residents are wise elders that I can learn much from based on their experiences. Further study is necessary to understand the effect and experience of using physical restraint at the special nursing home for the elderly.

Not only will I learn about other people, people will learn about me.

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The other seniors clap for her, smiles spread across their faces.

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How to Volunteer in a Nursing Home