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They are very easy to develop and deploy; but in a longer run they may be expensive, unyielding and worst at reaching the goals. If the revenues will be higher than the past year, the expenditures will be favorable for the store.

For example, if an account has a balance of 10 points, and a reward worth 3 points is claimed, a debit of 3 points occurs leaving a balance of 7 points.

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Google Scholar Kramer, Jon. This will help Kudler rethink how they do their work so they can improve customer service, cut the cost of operations, and become world-class competitors. Design specifications ensure every requirement meets the intent of the major players in the project. The current Frequent Shopper Point balance will be displayed to the user once an account record has been selected. When a reward is claimed, a debit to the Frequent Shopper Point balance will occur that is equal to the point value of the reward. To avoid losing profit Kudler need to sell products that customer wants to buy. Essentials of systems analysis and design 5th Ed.

By the analysis of this budget, the store would be able to know that either the expenditures would increase the revenue of the store by comparing the revenues of the last years. Working paper, Carnegie Mellon University.

If a customer attempts to claim a reward worth more points than are currently available on the account balance, the system will display a message indicating that there are insufficient points to process the transaction.

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The number of Frequent Shopper Points credited to the account will be equal to the dollar amount of the purchase, before tax, rounded down to the nearest dollar. The delay to the workflow will eventually even out as more customers are enrolled in the program and the store staff becomes familiar with the process.

As consumers, we all experience these techniques every day. Retail operates in a tight market, with rivals offering similar value propositions — similar brands and product range including competitive prices resulting from manipulation, malpractices, vertical integration and direct distribution networks.

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Under this, the expenditure on advertising and market research will be major fields of expenditure. The employees at the stores must take precautionary measure to ensure sensitive information remain protected. Store server The points of the customer can be added on the basis of the transactions information. Testing also consist of hardware components to make sure they can interface. The CRM software will help to reduce the cost of direct marketing and will increase the revenue for Kudler Fine Foods. The testing phase of the project is somewhat similar to the documentation phase; the project team must register every test results and make necessary adjustment as the team proceeds. Each customer shall be assigned one and only one unique account number in the Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper program. Google Scholar Copyright information. The current Frequent Shopper Point balance will be displayed to the user once an account record has been selected. The transaction information will eventually be trickled up to the POS server database which will have new canned reports used to help determine new rewards based upon customer purchasing habits.
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The Impact of Frequent Shopper Programs in Grocery Retailing