Harvest gypsies

Ultimately, Steinbeck blames the shortsightedness and "insular stupidity" of California communities for the continued suffering of the migrants Byhe had moved on to writing The Grapes of Wrath full-time and had to be persuaded by Hosmer to get involved in reissuing the series.

They came from "the agricultural populations of OklahomaNebraskaand parts of Kansas and Texas" most affected by the Dust Bowl.

Harvest gypsies

Finally - 40 years after The Grapes of Wrath - the novel that grew from these essays - a leader emerged that could successfully organize the United Farm Workers into a union with bite, and initiate the grape boycott that changed California.

Chapter 7 Steinbeck's final installment recommends several measures for ending the migrants' poverty and suffering.

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Steinbeck develops three critiques of how California dealt with migrant workers. Steinbeck writes, "And in this series we shall try to see how they live and what kind of people they are, what their standard of living is, what is done for them and to them, and what their problems and needs are" Foreign affairs and the coming U.

Deputies are armed employees who keep the migrants in line.

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The Harvest Gypsies: On the Road to The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck