Henri poincare a french mathematician

henri poincare chaos theory

Bell, Men of Mathematics Therefore, he argued that also in this case there has to be another compensating mechanism in the ether. We might also suppose that the motions of matter proper were exactly compensated by those of the ether; but that would lead us to the same considerations as those made a moment ago.

Then the work seems to lead him on without him making a wilful effort.

Henri poincare a french mathematician

At that stage it is difficult to distract him. The term "topology" was introduced, as suggested by Johann Benedict Listinginstead of previously used "Analysis situs".

He also worked in algebraic geometry making fundamental contributions in papers written in He clearly saw that this method was useful in the solution of problems such as the stability of the solar system, in which the question is about the qualitative properties of planetary orbits for example, are orbits regular or chaotic?

henri poincare contribution to mathematics

When he searches, he often writes a formula automatically to awaken some association of ideas.

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Poincaré, Jules Henri