How does shakespeare use dramati devices

Shakespeare uses Benevolio as a device who gives the audience the indication that there might be a brawl. Friar Lawrence is another significant character because he controls the strings of the play.

The audience had no reason to be particularly drawn to this rather boring character, and almost instantly fell in love with Mercutio- with his vibrant, interesting and fiery personality.

shakespeares dramatic techniques in othello

All the movement mainly the entering and exiting of different characters creates and build tension and confusion, and is some cases, conflict. It would sound more interesting to the audience to hear the lines spoken in rhyme.

shakespeare techniques macbeth

Men were seen to be superior to women and dominated them, as women had very few rights and were property of their fathers, and then their husbands. It shows how quickly the image of the play has changed from just few intimidating words by the characters in the beginning of the scene to the death of two influential characters.

But Romeo still continues his ironic mood. This grabs the audience's attention as they get involved in the fight as they want to see who wins and what happens, which is a dramatic device as Shakespeare is involving and interesting the audience.

How does shakespeare use dramati devices

The spotlight finally arrived to Romeo at this point in the play…in time for a dramatic climax, which no doubt captivated the audience. The fight scenes would be visually entertaining and there are a lot of very dramatic moments in the scene before Romeo kills Tybalt, for example. As a result, characters often react carelessly or foolishly because they lack knowledge, insight and self-awareness. In the end the prince banishes Romeo form Verona and says if he ever returns that hour will be his last. The play reaches a dramatic height as Romeo and Juliet's private world clashes with the public feud with tragic consequences. But Shakespeare brings a contrast in the story by changing the scene from rejoice and happiness to hatred and bitterness. This shocks the audience as in the space of one scene there have been number of shocking events. This process was mainly taking place in England.

This creates tension excitement for the audience. Like all pieces of literature, the play has been influenced by the era it was written in.

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Up to this point in this play Romeo had been portrayed as a depressing, dull and negative character, and he had been seen as this since the beginning of the play where we first encountered him as a heartbroken young man. So Shakespeare has not only used the death of Mercuitio and Tybalt to make this scene dramatic but change the whole story of the play. This again creates tension and excitement and also shows the random nature of fate. Conflict is evident when Romeo and Tybalt thrust their swords: 'come sir, your passado! Love is another main theme in the play, Romeo and Juliet get married and die for each other after knowing each other for a very short period of time. It probably pleased the audience that there is religious imagery before a death as it makes it seem more solemn. This changes the atmosphere to a tense and awkward level and tells the audience that something horrible will definitely happen. This is the mood of the rest of the play, increasingly desperate until they both die. The two deaths in this seen are also shown through stage directions as it says 'Tybalt wounds Mercutio' and 'They fight: Tybalt falls', this is important because the stage directions are showing two key points of one of the most important scenes in the play. This scene is where most of the action takes place and where Shakespeare pulls the audience in by adding more and more drama, making the play much more interesting to watch! It also shows us a completely new side to Romeo, a character whom prior to this scene had been perceived as a plain and dull character, but now he seems like an emotionally complex character that is governed by his feelings and is prone to acting impulsively. The atmosphere is tense, anxious and apprehensive because everyone knows that the relationship between the Montague and Capulet is very volatile and an enormous brawl could erupt any minute. The previous scene is full of rejoice and zeal and zest. This dramatic technique helps the audience see, not just hear, important details about the play. But Shakespeare brings a contrast in the story by changing the scene from rejoice and happiness to hatred and bitterness.

Benvolio then tries to act as a peacemaker as he tries to calm things down by saying the two should 'reason coldly [calmly] their grievances', meaning they should try and sort out their differences.

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How does Shakespeare use dramatic devices?