How to write a disciplinary action for tardiness

We excel in Excellence We represent excellence in franchising education and advocacy. Many employers require a uniformed workforce in order to present a certain image to the public.

Thankfully, tools like job warning letter templates generally follow the format of official letters, so that you can have a basic format to follow for writing official, professional letters.

This includes arriving late to work and returning from break and lunch past the allotted time. If you have any reason for not being able to meet this schedule, let me know at once.

In the case of late warning letters, you can find some specific templates meant specifically for addressing tardiness, or else you can find more general warning letter templates that you can easily modify to suit the particular circumstances of your own situation.

Chronic lateness, on the other hand, is different, and for small-business owners, staff coming in late can have significant time and cost implications. Because you have been late for work four times this week, I must warn you that I have noticed the behavior and expect it to stop.

Sample Letter 3 Copied! The written reprimand corrects the behavior of a tardy employee. Get to the Root of the Problem In some cases, employees are chronically late because of a lack of personal responsibility and professionalism.

written reprimand sample

Having a dress code in place, and requiring employees to dress in a professional manner, helps to convey a positive image to the public, and provides employees with guidelines of what is, and is not, considered acceptable workplace attire.

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Written Reprimand Sample for Employee Attendance