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Once the level of cleanliness is experienced by someone there is no going back on that. What changes did the new series have on the expenditure-side GDP figures? Earlier people used to run to the doctor and hospital at every instance.

Ancient History : Thanks to social media and the current government everyone has been exposed to the false narrative which has been fed to us for the last few decades.

The office lunch boxes have been replaced with thirty minutes delivery from Dominos.

Social changes in the last 20 years

Order at the expense of liberty only breeds alienation and eventual revolt. Dirty toilets have become unacceptable to most of the population. He is based in Bangalore. Well, perhaps not so much in sports — except that India won two more cricket world cups in this time. Those who were late to cotton on to the trend lost viewers to the savvy early movers. While its success is still being debated, it made one thing clear: this government — elected on an anti-corruption manifesto — was willing to rip up the rulebook in order to drive home its agenda. Earlier people used to run to the doctor and hospital at every instance. This has caused growing concerns in national health. Girls and boys can be friends The Hindi film 'Maine PyarKiya' had the famous dialogue 'ekladkaaurladki dost kaisehosaktehain? Correspondingly, the share of services shrinks when we use the new series.

While this unique demographic holds the promise of making India a thrumming engine of the world economy, it also poses the staggering challenge of finding jobs for the million-odd Indians who enter the employment market every month, not to mention providing for the health and education of such a large nation.

Dailyhunt Disclaimer: This story is auto-aggregated by a computer program and has not been created or edited by Dailyhunt. These changes which were waiting to happen have finally happened and nothing anyone can do to stop or reverse it.

We will only see this getting better and becoming more mature as time goes. The details can be seen in the chart above. The shift is overwhelming as well as saddening at the same time. Newer career opportunities Earlier, children were expected to study hard and become engineers or doctors.

major changes in india

A growing middle class has fueled impressive consumer growth.

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Lifestyle changes in India over last 10 years