Marketing plan for ice plant

A special marketing program will also be incorporated by offering special coupon prices for nearby restaurants, motels, city pool, the shops, and the bus stations to customers who purchase any product at PRAN. In order to however attract more customers into patronizing our business, we intend to offer all our clients a discount on purchases for the first three months of operation.

However, it should be noted that our sales projections were done after a critical examination of the industry as we needed to analyze our chances and know how we were likely to fare in this business.

On the customer side the target market is middle to upper class people. Also, the publicity strategies will help communicate our brand positively to our target market. It will also conduct marketing research to measure brand awareness before, during and after marketing campaign, study consumer satisfaction and identify opportunities for future product development efforts.

ice cream business plan

Finished bar will be stored in freeze with great care until served to the customers. The needs of the end users of the ice should be carefully considered in final site selection. For normal operations, one machine is used to supply ice for normal demands.

target market for ice cream business

Other potential institutional buyers of ice are bakeries, confectioners, hotels which buy ice blocks in bulk.

Sell 20 different tropical and Mexican flavored ice cream. Many such sites, whilst they may be only a short distance from the central fish harbour, can go virtually unused by fishermen because it is not convenient for them or within their normal patterns of operation to visit the location.

Ice cream marketing plan

Our employees will be well taken care of as their welfare package will be amongst the best across similar start-ups such as ours in the industry. Asides from vendors, other people who also use ice blocks are caterers and those hosting an event that would then need to chill the drinks so that the various invited guests will have something cool and refreshing. India is having a unique geographical position and a wide range of soil, thus producing variety of fruits and vegetables like apples, grapes, oranges, potatoes, chillies, ginger, etc. Why Choose Modern Ice? Research the industry competition to help hone in on what makes you different from other ice vending machines. Incorporate all of the printing, design and production costs associated with producing your marketing materials. Product management: Raw Ripple milk will be packed in an air and heatproof box, mug, cup or bowl.

According to the U.

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Market Analysis of ICE Factory