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Hard copies The best way to use the open course book is to download the.

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In addition to the menu items to the left, below is a list of things that you should make sure to check out. Oct Corrected the labels on Fig 1. Copies should be available from the morning of Thursday Sept 6. Nov Added answers to Chapter problems Thanks, Fiona! Call first to see whether they are in stock, or need to have more printed. These examples and applications come from a wide range of fields including biochemistry, cell biology, ecology, genetics, population biology and evolution. Tel: , You can optionally buy a printed paper copy of this material from Copiesmart on University Boulevard. Things not to miss Students often miss useful resources that we provide. Download the latest Full version here. Open textbook updates and fixes Sept 7: Fixed Mastered Material 19 on p 34 to avoid overlapping fig 1. Nov Corrected the DE in Problem One big difference between this course and a more traditional calculus course is the inclusion of examples and applications from the life sciences in place of the more traditional emphasis on physics.

A section on growth, decay and periodic phenomena precedes an introduction to differential equations and their use in modeling of biological systems. This open book was written and is provided voluntarily by Prof.

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You do NOT need to buy a printed copy. You can use the usual. Nov Corrected the DE in Problem Tel: Call first to see whether they are in stock, or need to have more printed.

This page has video tutorials that will help you learn how to use a spreadsheet effectively. Sept The book now includes Short Answers to problems up to chap Thanks Jennie!

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