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First, to make an effective flip-chart graphic, talent and professional tools and materials need to be used. A blog is really a website with journal-style entries on topics designed to inform and invite comments. This machine when connected to a laptop will project the slide-show on a screen or wall.

Read more about our artists. Portability Training professionals find the portability factor of multimedia presentation to be particularly to their advantage. Use this SWOT analysis template to help to aid a person or organization in analyzing data and information to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Although paper handouts, flip-charts, and props are still used, they can fall short in several respects. Multimedia based presentation systems would need investment in software, projection tools as well as a change in the way training is imparted to staff.

We will cover multimedia business presentations in more detail in Module 8: Developing and Delivering Business Presentations. No credits or other download fees. There are many different types of projectors available in the market. If not, then you have 2 choices: you can download the image, close your eyes and pray that the image owner will not find you and sue you.

Professional Look and Feel to the Presentation One impact that multimedia presentations have is lend a lot of professionalism to every business presentation.

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Multimedia Platforms and Social Media