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Indeed, the thrust of this book is to free the idea of what it means to write. Zeiger: You mentioned the Holocaust. Zeiger: What are you working on now? Her manner was warm, direct, funny, and extremely focused. For the past seventeen years, she has lived in Taos, New Mexico, where she leads weeklong writing workshops and retreats. I try to help people identify their resistances and work with them, instead of being thrown by them. The goal is to allow the written word to connect with your original mind, to write down the first thought you flash on, before the second and third thoughts come in. Also, I romanticize New Mexico incredibly anyway only increased by my visits there so that part of her books further enhances the experience for me. She began writing and painting soon after beginning her Zen studies. Zeiger: Do you do a lot of editing of your own work? For those of us who are busy thinking of short stories, who are thinking of horror, who think of sf that may deal with harder topics, that think of things that For you poets out there, this book is for you. Writing is more alive. The act of writing is the act of speaking up, of being alive.

It seems that almost all of her students are middle-aged or olderrich white women. After I wrote Bones, I began teaching writing from the inside out.

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They have to wash the floor first, or have the room in perfect order. Paul, Minnesota, and writing was easier there because they have lots of cafes, and it was gray and rainy, and there was nothing to do but work.

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Writing offers you a chance to transform an obsession into a passion, which is a lot better than constantly focusing on the things that are eating you. Her method sounds interesting: Sit in meditation , walk mindfully , write in short minute bursts of "free writing," responding to a prompt she comes up with. When I think of wild mind, I think, Big sky. Then, because the story is recorded, you have a chance to read it later, so you can see who you are and come home to yourself. Goldberg: I think the great writers who never did formal meditation were meditating through their art: really concentrating, being present, examining their own minds. I wanted something that forced me to write. The more you sit, the more you become who you are.

When we think of the muse visiting, we think of something coming down from on high and helping us. It mostly has to do with realizing how my way differs from his. Zeiger: Do you do a lot of editing of your own work?

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I consider writing an athletic activity: the more you practice, the better you get at it. If they can put themselves down that much, they can easily turn that harsh critic on their students. Zeiger: You mentioned the Holocaust. Zeiger: Do you believe that writing practice makes one a better writer? For me, that word brings out my internal censor. A simple example is that, when I pick up the pen, I get sleepy and want to take a nap. Our job as writers is to connect with that awake part of ourselves. I felt like an "outsider," even a voyeur. Zeiger: What does a writing practice involve? It mostly has to do with realizing how my way differs from his.

Goldberg: I feel very much a Jew.

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