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Hence, price sensitivity gives a lot of power in the hands of the buyers. Amongst all the suppliers, maximum bargaining power is with Pepsi, also it is strongest multinational.

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The man who started it faced many hardships in the beginning of his life and had to start earning his living at a very early age. Rivalry in fast food industry can be measured by analyzing the following: Number of competitors and size Fast food franchise industry in Pakistan consists of large number of firms having large variance in size and scale.

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Now the latest product is twister, it helps KFC increase many profit. Children are the most innocent of all mankind and advertising to them, luring them through play areas and toys and showing tempting pictures of food, without mentioning the side effects is as much a crime as killing innocent people. Since they are in the food business it is their utmost responsibility to follow all the standards of health and food safety, to make sure that raw material procured is free of all diseases and processing is done in a clean environment. Hence, industry analysis is carried out by taking the industry to be fast food franchise. Cupola does it by empowering the special persons creating role models for the rest. KFC support the work of research and development in order to introduce the new technology. Rivalry thus among competitors is not bitter. KFC marketing plan for Pakistan. Entrants can easily enter the market and find a favorable location for them. The second is household size, KFC will more target on a whole family members, that why KFC have provide many family packages meals. Technological will affect the energy use and the cost. KFC has to rely solely on Pepsi for drinks because there is no other quality supplier except Coca-cola that is the major supplier to McDonalds. New entrants can easily secure for them a favorable location as shopping malls and markets continue to expand.

Marketing environment- PEST analysis. However, KFC produce bakery products in-house. Its revenues are not dependent upon the buying power of a single customer.

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Same is the case with KFC; the substitutes available have low price, comparable quality and long expiry life than the products of KFC.

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Pest Analysis On KFC