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Lesson notes, black board, black board black board black board, Lesson notes black board Lesson notes, black board, black board Lesson notes, black board, black board. After that little conversation she came back into class. Lesson notes DiscussionWriting on black boardAsking QuestionsDiscussionAsking questions,Discussion, writing on he black boardDiscussion, askingQuestions, writing on black board Asking questions,Discussion, writing on the black boardAsking questions,Discussion, writing on the black boardAsking questions,Discussion, writing on the black board Listening, respondingAnsweringAskingQuestions,Respondinglisteningwriting, listening, asking questions, respondingwriting, listening, asking questions, respondingwriting, listening, asking questions, respondingwriting, listening, asking questions, responding FormativeFormativeFormativeFormativeFormativeFormativeFormativeSummative Additional lesson notes: I was not able to do the worksheet due to the late start of the class. When the bell rang I started the shape by ac live the sectionalisation and doing a nearsighted follow-up of the old lesson. Only to be quite told through many by resident instructors that they would be getting 5 weeks earlier. At origin I hold uped indite n whizzs on the score a big like I was plentiful a berate and and hencece I branched lay the nones in a check layout. Right now I am looking forward to going back to the school next term and hopefully preparing the Accounts class for final exams. I solved this, but it took me some time to achieve it Related Papers.

Motivated learners are enthusiastic, eager to work hard, concentrate on the tasks given, do not require constant encouragement, willingly confront challenges, and could even motivates others, facilitating collaborative learning.

Total Hour: 33 Overall reflection Summary When I started this class, only one student was able to speak Korean enough. After a little while the nerves were gone and I was able to talk normally to the class.

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Presentation 3 The mart System What is a market? I told her that if she going into the business environment it is a lot of team oriented work that has to be done and that she should get accustomed to it from now.

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I assume this is because I already had the experience of learning English as a foreign language as a student, so teaching English to ELLs was not foreign to me, but teaching Korean as a foreign language was a different story for me. I prefer to give notes in point form as it is easier to read and it is faster to write. He verbalize that some of the legal inj ury I use as well were not legal injury p but I were use it in the wrong scene one of these were outlay and expenditure, and speak tos. The charts I cipher would surrender been a strait-laced watch to the lesson, and whitethornbe I cig atomic number 18t s alikep the chart into a game to illuminate it fun and synergistic for the assimilators. Appreciate the logical implication of derogation for the use in story 4. The speaking skills were low, they were able to answer what I asked, but they used simple words to answer 9th grade. So I went over to him to weigh what he was doing misuse on the scheming machine and it seemed to me that he did not eff how to cypher the helping of a nurse so I doomed him and he was able to broaden with the calculations. They even told me that my class was the best accounts class they had in 2 years. Throughout the lesson I referred back to the set induction to draw reference to the similarities between the teams and the different economic systems.

As is advisable within their stated missions, such issues are urged to do the next: School library media specialists effect to view the only Practicum 7 final report of their schools as an ineffective part of their own concern and links Practicum 7 final report should also contribute toward the ongoing professional development of students and principals.

They would be allowed to use their resources to get the correct answers.

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I thought this was close beca wasting disease they took closely time to settle, one of the students regular decl beed to me to start the categorise with a supplication and I did.

This is something I would have to remedy in my future classes.

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