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Test measures wealth As has shown by the recent college admissions scandalthere are several ways that more affluent people game the test.

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A girl can dream, right? The adversity score also considers having a single parent as an adversity. You also had good examples in your essay. Advertisement So I suppose I should grudgingly give the College Board credit for at least trying to do something to balance the scales.

I really want to improve on creating relevance to my thesis within my body paragraphs, and linking support back to my main idea. The additional information includes Census data related to income, housing, educational attainment, likelihood of being a victim of a crime, and most importantly, family structure.

However, a student could be in a two-parent household and still face adversity if one or both of the parents has a serious problem, such as drug or alcohol addiction.

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It will not capture the texture of life with an educated but alcoholic or emotionally abusive parent. This practice weighting questions to favor whites has been studied and verified in by Roy Freedle and again verified in by education researchers Veronica Santelices and Mark Wilson.

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Numerous questions point to flaws in the new adversity score on the SAT (opinion)