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Long lines of fans snaked up the stairs of Max Gordon's Village Vanguard waiting their chance to share Dexter's musical magic. Mentored as a teenager by the same African-American music teacher who taught Frank Morgan, Art Farmer, Marshal Royal and Don Cherry, among others, he proved to be so gifted on the tenor saxophone that he was offered a chair in the Lionel Hampton Orchestra while still in high school. They worked long hours and went back and forth to the record company almost every day. In Europe, "there was no racial discrimination or anything like that," Gordon told Downbeat' s Berg. In the late 70s, Michael Cuscuna and Maxine opened an office down the block from Columbia Records on 53rd Street when Dexter and Woody signed to the label. Dexter and Maxine would discuss all the business offers on Friday mornings at breakfast but they agreed that his attorney Norman Annenberg would handle the business. She was encouraged to continue her work with Jazz musicians by her friend Harold Vick who suggested she help manage a group he was in that had a contract with Columbia Records. The sensation of Gordon's return, renewed promotion of the classic jazz catalogs of the Savoy and Blue Note record labels, and the continued efforts of Art Blakey through s and early s, have been credited with reviving interest in swinging, melodic, acoustically-based classic jazz sounds after the Fusion jazz era that saw an emphasis on electronic sounds and contemporary pop influences. Through her meticulous research, new information about him emerges. The legendary bebop sax player had begun writing notes for an autobiography in Cuernavaca, Mexico, where the couple frequently spent time off the road, and away from New York winters, in a house called Villa Verde.

Bymany of them felt they had outgrown the confines of the big-band sound and had gravitated to New York City's Harlem, where a new style of jazz was taking shape.

For three years Gordon lived quietly with his wife and stepson, but his career was not yet over. Years later he described it to Rolling Stone writer Neil Tesser: "The house lights came down, and everything was dark, and all of a sudden there was this pale-blue light shining on some kind of blue-turquoise translucent screen, and behind the screen was the Duke Ellington band Louis Toodle-oo.

He was a major part of the Central Avenue scene, trading off with Wardell Gray and Teddy Edwards in many legendary tenor battles; studio recordings of "The Chase" and "The Duel" helped to document the atmosphere of the period.

It was led by saxophonist Joan Chamorro, the founder of the St. InFrench filmmaker Bertrand Tavernier asked the musician to star in 'Round Midnight, a film he was making about a down-and-out jazz musician living in Paris.

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He quit for an opportunity to join a radical group of young players in the Billy Eckstine Orchestra who were inventing a new music not yet called bebop. It was that we young guys wanted to play some new music. Gordon's most memorable works from the decade were not in music but in film. Dexter and Maxine formed a partnership and spent six months planning his return. Th c cat had a natural sense of "cool" that made him the picture of the classic "jazz cat! In she persuaded him to tour the United States. It became apparent that many Jazz musicians knew quite a lot about the business but could use someone to make calls and talk to club owners and promoters on their behalf. Gordon was duly praised for his subtle, knowing portrayal of an elder whose spirit survives the ravages of time and bodily abuse. In addition, he had a non-speaking role in the film Awakenings , which was posthumously released. He was one of the initial sax players for the Onzy Matthews big band in , along with Curtis Amy. During the s, Gordon was weakened by emphysema. Frank Gordon, M. Essential reading for jazz fans. Living in Europe for more than a dozen years, he recorded equally fine albums for Prestige, Steeplechase, and other labels, and his return to the U.

When he lived in Denmark, Gordon became friends with the family of the future Metallica drummer Lars Ulrichand subsequently became Lars's godfather. It became apparent that many Jazz musicians knew quite a lot about the business but could use someone to make calls and talk to club owners and promoters on their behalf.

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She worked with him, overseeing his much ballyhooed return to America inwith chief responsibility for the ballyhoo, and she was with him, living quietly half the time in Mexicoduring his late period of reflection, retired from music. Gordon remained a popular figure until his gradually worsening health made him only semi-active by the early '80s.

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