The life of amory blaine chronicled in this side of paradise by f scott fitzgerald

Monsignor advises him on what to read, whom to idealize "some such man as Leonardo da Vinci ," for exampleand which philosophies to follow.

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Rosalind Connage Amory's most important and intense love in the novel, Rosalind is an extremely striking character.

This generational conflict was a key motivation for the modernist literary movement in the United States.

The dust of conflict is still in his eyes and he does not even see very clearly. Sally Weatherby Themes Generational Conflict Although Fitzgerald's novel may seem less shocking now, it created a sensation when it was published because of its representation of a younger generation that perceived itself as departing entirely from the tradition of the generations before it.

Scott Fitzgerald, Nijhoff, During his time overseas, Beatrice passes away.

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And that is only possible in the hothouse only wealth can build and maintain—"safe and proud above the hot struggle of the poor," as Gatsby will see Daisy.

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This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald