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It brings people together and has potential sources of information as well as entertainment.

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In fact, censorship in cyberspace is unconscionable and impossible. People have various stances on this issue and they can be split up into four general groups: The Government, parents, students, and teachers.

Why not?

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On 13 June, the film was cleared by the Bombay High Court with one cut and disclaimers. And at the centre of it all is the independent voice: Of the humble blogger and those seemingly unimportant people on Facebook and Twitter who have shown that they not only have an opinion they are ready to voice with courage but they also have the power to influence public policy. The result may be a splintering internet, where a onetime unified information superhighway has become increasingly restricted in certain areas. People have various stances on this issue and they can be split up into four general groups: The Government, parents, students, and teachers. The film, which depicted a structural drug problem in the state of Punjab, used a lot of expletives and showed scenes of drug use. The government had asked Google to remove items from Orkut and 19 items from YouTube for the same reason, it added. Sibal told more than reporters during a press conference on the lawn at his home in New Delhi.

So it is our duty to use the right to freedom of speech and expression in a careful manner so that we can save our country from anarchism. It was only 27 December, the first day of the protest, when he received an email from BigRock, the domain name registrar with which his website was registered, saying, "We have received a complaint from Crime Branch, Mumbai against domain name 'cartoonsagainstcorruption.

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Does internet censorship make a nation a safer place to live? It can be considered as one of the most valuable types of technology. However, the freedom of press was not always as robust as today. Independent bloggers or big internet companies, nobody wants to waste time and money on litigation. Therefore, it has as much potential for evil as it has for good and has an equal potential to instill or cultivate violent or bad behaviour. Censorship is summarily defined as the suppression of objectionable material. In another report by the Brookings Institution last year, India tied for first place with Iraq for the highest number of internet shutdowns among 19 countries including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Syria and North Korea. I feel that we will be able to release the film without hampering the narrative or diluting its essence. On 24 December , Reliance Communications, a widely used ISP, again blocked access to file-sharing sites, having obtained a John Doe order from a Delhi court to help protect the movie Don 2 several days before its release. In , the film Udta Punjab , produced by Anurag Kashyap and Ekta Kapoor among others, ran into trouble with the CBFC, resulting in a very public re-examination of the ethics of film censorship in India.

The only content the story revealed was a Facebook page that allegedly maligned Congress party president Sonia Gandhi, saying it was "unacceptable".

However, government attempts at filtering have not been entirely effective because blocked content has quickly migrated to other Web sites and users have found ways to circumvent filtering.

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In China, most, if not all of those types of sites are or have been blocked.

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Internet censorship in India