Writing a bad news press release

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defensive press release example

The first thing to do is to thoroughly understand your subject matter. And these require a little effort on your part.

press release structure

And no, trying to persuade me what a pleasure it was for you to finally contact me have we even met? In today's hour news cycle, bad publicity comes fast and spreads even faster.

Bad press release example 5: Check twice before you hit Send No lenghty intro necessary, here you go: Grammatical errors in a press release imply lack of professionalism and will certainly disqualify you in the eyes of any journalist.

The initial impression is good news, followed by the bad news, then ending on a positive outlook for the future. Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire.

There are some issues that are too complex for a spokesperson to explain. Third-party expert opinions should be used to support your argument [source: Entrepreneur.

writing a bad news press release

Everyone is allowed to have a bad day. Besides all the stuff I mentioned here, this press release is simply way too wordy. This means placing the headline in title case.

Press release example

Joe Football mentioned his shoulder because he knows his fans will wonder about it. When you or your company are in the news, your reputation is on the line. That's when you need to get out a press statement. In this type of defensive press release, it's important to put emotions and editorializing aside and lay out the facts in a convincing way. Brevity may be next to godliness when handling a tough issue. Have it proofread sentence-by-sentence by one of your teammates to correct spelling and grammatical errors. Executives need to be thoroughly briefed on all possible negatives and their appropriate responses before taking center stage. Besides all the stuff I mentioned here, this press release is simply way too wordy.
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When You Need to Make a Statement to the Media